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Thicker looking hair within seconds

Instantly improve the look of your thinning hair with Follicool Hair Fibres.

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Cover your thinning hair fast with outstanding results every time.

Thinning hair is hard to cure, but Follicool can help you regain your confidence fast. Our hair fibres are the latest and greatest way to cover thinning hair in the most natural way possible. The great thing is, no one will ever know you're using them, unless you tell them, and even then - they won't believe you!

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Don't believe it? Watch the video below See how I transformed my hair in 10 seconds


Hair Fibres that mask thinning hair instantly

Leaving you feeling as confident as ever.

Made from Keratin

Contains keratin, the stuff your hair is actually made from. The hair fibres bind with your hair to make it look naturally thicker, instantly covering thinning areas.

Undetectable & Natural

With a few sprinkles of Follicool Hair Fibres, your hair will look thicker and fuller. The great thing is no-one will know and you'll feel more confident!

Great for thinning hair

Losing your hair? Follicool makes your hair look naturally thicker, it is the simplest way to improve the look of your hair, with minimal effort.

Enhance your looks

Many hair dressers and stylist use Follicool on models and actors to improve the look of their hair FAST!

Choose from nine colours

Follicool Hair Fibres come in 9 natural hair colour types to match your hair colour perfectly.

Fast delivery Australia Wide

We provide multiple delivery options to Australia & New Zealand to get Follicool to you when you need it.

See Follicool in Action

Achieved with a few sprinkles of Follicool Hair Fibres

Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres
Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres
Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres
Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres
Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres
Before Hair Fibres After Hair Fibres

So how do our hair fibres work?

Lightly sprinkle Follicool hair fibres into your thinning hair to see instant results.

The magic happens when the Follicool hair fibres statically bind with your existing thinner hairs to create a fuller look, instantly. The beauty is, it’s so undetectable.

There's nothing better than feeling more confident about yourself.

The hair fibres naturally bind to your hair, but if you are wanting an even stronger bond, you can use our complementary Stable Spray to lock the fibres in.

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What our customers think

See what some of our awesome customers think of Follicool

"Great product, price and service"

As a woman suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, I give Follicool a thumbs up. Great product, price and service. Thank you

Trish - Melbourne March 22, 2019

"Absolutely awesome"

Your product is simply awesome. It literally does everything it says. To say it has improved my confidence is an understatement.

Marcus - Brisbane February 9, 2019

"Confidence boost in a bottle – Complete transformation"

This stuff is really good, I felt like I couldn’t be totally happy until I have a hair transplant as I have a receding hairline but this product makes my hair as thick as It was 5 years ago. Really happy. Thanks & I recommend trying it and see what you think.

William - Sydney August 31, 2018

"Works like magic"

Thanks for such a great product, your prices are great too. I didn’t think it was going to work as well as it actually did. Will definitely order again. Cheers

Grant - Norwood, SA August 9, 2017

"Heavy user right here"

I’ve tried nearly every brand imaginable. Follicool is not only cheaper, but seems to find the fine line between over the top coverage and light coverage. My thinning is practically undetectable. My confidence has skyrocketed because of it.

Catherine - Labrador, QLD May 10, 2017

"Absolutely undetectable"

Thinning hair sucks, especially when you’re a woman. Follicool is an amazingly simple product that achieves so much. I am very happy with the results.

Margaret - Perth April 12, 2017

"Best I’ve used"

Being female, thinning hair really affects me, your product has really helped me with my confidence. So thank you. Your product is also very reasonably priced compared to other brands, as well as being just as good if not even better in quality and is pretty much undetectable.

Laura - Parramatta March 1, 2017

"It actually does work"

Just tried fibres out for the first time. Amazing. My gf thought I miraculously grew my hair back over night, she couldn’t tell even when she looked close. I have slight hair loss, but this product fixes that completely!

Jason - Dulwich Hill August 18, 2016

"Great product"

I’ve used a few products in the past and none have worked as well as your product. Thank you for your reasonable price, fast delivery and good customer support. I’ll definitely be ordering Follicool from now on.
Thank you!

Alina - Double Bay, NSW March 31, 2016

"I can’t believe it"

I never believe that this product would work, it works so well, in literally 10 seconds I couldn’t see my thinning hair anymore at the front and it looks so natural. Thanks guys.

Matteo - Carlingford January 14, 2016

"Great product"

I’ve used other fibres before but haven’t been very happy with them. Some made my hair feel like mud. Follicool Density is very fine, so after applying it looks so natural. I’m so happy to have found such a great product at a reasonable price. Thank you for your super fast delivery too.

Sarah - Clayton. VIC November 9, 2015

"They work so well!"

I just thought i’d say that this product works great. I have some thinning hair on temple region and I use a small amount to cover it up and it’s absolutely unnoticeable, people have even commented on how good my hair has been looking! Thanks for the great product guys. Regards, Art.

Arthur - Kingsgrove October 29, 2015