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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Follicool Density different from regular hair fibres?

Follicool Density consists of nano keratin fibres, specifically made to enhance coverage with a natural look. Some other hair fibres on the market can be very dense, making your hair look unusually thick. Follicool Density comes on light, allowing you to choose your own density as you sprinkle.

Do they fall out easily?

No, they are statically connected to your thinning hairs, however, to make sure they stay in all day, use some Follicool Stable or standard hair spray to give them that extra stability.

How long will a 28g bottle last?

It really depends on how often you use the hair fibres – but for every day users, the bottle should last up to 2-3 months.

Do the hair fibres look natural?

Yes, Follicool Density is made from 99% keratin and comes in a range of colours to blend with your hair. Your hair will look as natural as possible, even you wont be able to tell the difference if applied correctly.

What are Follicool Density hair fibres made from?

Follicool Density consists of 99.645% of keratin fibres. Keratin is what your natural hair, skin and nails are made of. It is a very safe product.

Is Follicool Density safe?

Follicool is made out of natural organic ingredients and is a totally safe product. Like all hair products, it is for use on your scalp only. Don’t eat the product or rub it in your eyes. If you do have any adverse affects, discontinue use.

How do I remove the fibres from my hair?

Despite binding to your hair strongly, when you wash your hair with any regular shampoo and the fibres will be easily and completely removed from your hair.

Will the hair fibres withstand rain and wind?

Wind, definitely. Rain – in most cases, yes, however due to the nature of the product, it will wash out. Same as gel, hairspray etc.

Will people think it’s weird?

Firstly, people won’t even know you’re using it. Secondly, think of how much make-up people use on their face daily. Do you find make-up weird? Think of hair fibres as make-up for your hair, definitely not weird. Why walk out of the house without it? No one will know, it’s completely safe and it will make you feel a lot more confident.